Random Stuff, Part 34

* If you are using Vegas with progressive Cineform files, make sure you read this. This is a must-do, or you are losing heaps of quality. The bug is actually not Cineform’s or Vegas’, but whoever wrote the AVI container specification.

* I updated the OSNews’ Mobile Detection Kit package a few days ago. It now includes detection for the Palm Pre among others.

* The Blitzen Trapper are preparing a new EP, that includes songs previously available only via CD-Rs sold at their gigs. Too bad that “Crushing the wheat” is not included, as it’s one of their best songs. I will be buying anyway though.

* David Carradine (along John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen) was one of my father’s favorite actors. I never liked the guy for some reason. While kung-fu and shit are all under my geek skin (I even practiced some tae-kwon-do ITF for a while back in the early ’90s), Carradine rubbed me the wrong way somehow, as a kid. I felt that there was something weird about him. I guess now we know (and there were allegations by one of his numerous ex-wives that he had sex with a young close relative of his). Yuck.

* I guess I have a fetish too. I like intelligent men. For example, there’s this Sony Vegas engineer that I don’t even know how he looks like (never seen a pic of him), but he’s so damn smart that… The guy just gets it, while some others in his team just manage to piss me off.

* JBQ and I watched the “Valkyrie” movie last night. Pretty good movie, we liked it.

* I now have a Google profile. Complete yours too!

* I cooked some Thai curry with rice for lunch, and my stomach hurts right now. Burp…

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Monty wrote on June 9th, 2009 at 11:33 PM PST:

If you like curry, try Lamb Saag. Quite good, had some at an Indian Restaurant in Eureka, Ca. A while back, and then we made some. Quite good, mild curry flavor though…

We gleaned a recipe out of these…. 1, 2, 3
Wasn’t spicy enough to destroy my stomach, but delicious

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