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The new Apple announcements

It was WWDC day today, and new products were announced. Here’s my take:

Mac OS X: Indifferent. This was like, the 100th rewrite of Finder. It remains to be seen if Quicktime will be any faster with the new hardware acceleration. The $29 upgrade price was good though.

iPhone: I wanted a true 16:9 OLED screen at 4″ and 640×360 resolution. That would fit almost on the same size iPhone as the current ones (because of the 16:9 instead of 16:10). I also wanted a VGA video-call camera. Maybe next year.

Macbook Pros: I might opt for the new 13″. It was very interesting seeing Apple bringing back Firewire, as there was a huge bitching about the lack of Firewire by HDV prosumer and fw audio users for the last year’s model. The backlit keyboard is a very good addition too. However, compared to the other candidate for my next laptop, the MSI U200, it’s heavier, has a lower res, and it costs double the money. I haven’t decided yet for which of the two laptops I will be going for. I prefer a Macbook, but does it worth the extra $800? I am not so sure.

I wanted a new AppleTV too, one that can decode 1080p and allows for third party codec plugins.

Most Blogs Now Abandoned

Slashdot reports about the fact that many blogs are orphaned these days, because their creators didn’t make the quick buck they were expecting to. Really? Is that why most people started blogs? Because that’s definitely not the reason I did. I never ran any ads on my blog for example, and I have resisted in the idea of some of my video readers who suggested adding donation buttons. I get my payment in different ways:

– My blog is my shrink. By writing many personal things in it for everyone to read, it’s a way to lift weights off of me. It works.
– It’s a way to vent and rant at bullshit that happen in the world. Feels good.
– Help others with my various tutorials. I know that they have helped a lot of people and I get ‘thank you’ messages about it almost daily.
– Review products and tell my readers what my analysis is, or my experience with them was.

This doesn’t mean that I might not abandon this blog. If I get bored again, I will.