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Golden Gate Bridge timelapse

That was my first video on Vimeo, uploaded there after a Vimeo employee back then asked me to “upload something first before I criticize the service”. I thought I had lost the original footage for it, but I found it this evening, so I re-exported it in higher quality, and with some grading (now that I see it graded, I prefer the original look though — too late, already uploaded). HD version and downloading here.

There is one more older video of mine that I want to re-edit from scratch, if I ever find back the tape I had recorded it on (I deleted the captured .m2t footage a few months ago by mistake). I might have reused that tape though, not sure. Whatevs…

Palm Pre and iTunes

As you might have heard, the Palm Pre can pose as an Apple product and fool iTunes that it’s an iPod. According to DVD Jon, Apple can very easily close that door for Palm with an iTunes update. The question I am asking here though, is if it’s morally right for Palm Pre to pose as an Apple product and fool an application.

Don’t beat yourself, there’s not an easy answer to it. Both sides have good arguments. Apple could argue that it’s unlawful to present a product as an Apple product (even if the user never sees that), and that iTunes is designed to be used with an iPod only and that might create support problems for Apple. Palm on the other side could argue that the iPod is a monopoly assisted by iTunes, and that originally iTunes was simply just an media player and it even had an SDK to add support for other devices (before Apple removed that ability to maintain their newly found iPod monopoly).

I am kind of siding with Palm on this. iTunes was originally a generic media app, and slowly but surely Apple locked up the app from other vendors and plugin creators. While iTunes belongs to Apple and they could do what they please with it, it’s simply unrealistic for any other vendor to compete anymore, given that iTunes has a development history of 10 years now, and that alternative solutions (e.g. Songbird) are buggy as hell. Then again, that’s not Apple’s fault…

It’s a tough situation, really. We will see how Apple will respond (update: they closed down that door for Palm by July 2009), because I have the feeling that they don’t quite like Palm a lot. First a big chunk of their iPhone engineers moved to Palm overnight leaving the iPhone team half-crippled at the time, then Palm allegedly infringed on the Apple multi-touch patents, and now there’s this iTunes stunt. Honestly, I smell a lawsuit, but maybe Palm has enough patents of its own to keep Apple in check. Only time will tell.

A sci-fi kid like me

I can’t stand country music. However, I like Blitzen Trapper, a lot. The “Trappas” sound country at first listen, but they are not exactly it. They are somewhere between ’70s folk, country, americana, bluegrass, and rock all mixed together. There’s even a bit of electronic in there! They are known as the band that can’t be placed musically in any genre. And yet, I would never consider their music and give them a fair chance if it wasn’t for a single song that I happened to stumble upon about two years ago: Sci-Fi Kid (legal download).

The song somehow strikes a cord with me as I am a huge fan of science fiction (although the lyrics also feel like it’s all about drugs). It represents the more alternative rock side of BT (which I prefer). I wish I could direct the music video for that song.

Sugar’s got a space ship tripping over dusty stars
Keen cars, living large, playing big guitars
Hackin’ in, making holes, and it’s not so hard
It’s just a extra part in a kid like me
A Sci-fi kid like me

Since that song, I purchased most of their music, and I enjoy most of it. I still can’t easily get used to the songs that use the banjo and the harmonica, but overall, I love most of their tracks. And of course, having such a weirdo, multiple-personality (musically) guy as a front man, helps. He has peaked up my curiosity.

Watch below their biggest hit so far, the music video for “Furr”, and download one of my favorite songs of theirs, the rare “Crushing the wheat”.