The ethics of an alien invasion

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I am not a [firm] believer of UFOs or alien abductions, but I surely try to keep an open mind about it all. So, let’s assume that the alien abductions are true, and that — according to Temple University professor David Jacobs, Ph.D — the aliens’ sinister plot is to replace the human race with new Grey-human hybrid beings (so they can survive in this planet, while otherwise being Grey). To continue reading this blog post, please read the link above. Now, how is all that “alarming” and “unethical”?

Sure it’s alarming for our race, and our history, and our culture, but is something like annihilation of a species unheard of? Humans have been killing other humans to take over their land, they have killed off whole species numerous times for no good reason, and as very correctly my husband pointed out the other day: “how’s our genetically modified soy, or corn, different than this alien-human hybrid?” The same ethical rules apply (saying that sentient beings have priority over other lifeforms is sorely misguided). That didn’t stop humans from devouring this planet, and changing it and its species fundamentally. It’s one thing to hunt for food, and another to act like you own the whole star constellation.

So why are all these UFO web sites, and forums, and alleged abductees are crying foul? Why do they think that humans can do all these things to others but no one else can do this to them? Oh, of course, the various abductees will reply to my argument with a “but I personally never did any of these things”, but we all know that they didn’t do anything to stop it either. When was the last time you wrote to your Congressman, or camped outside the White House to protest a bad environmental law? Or even stopped buying corn or soy products? Fuck, you can’t even stop buying RIAA music (I know I can’t), no matter how much you disagree with their tactics. We are ALL responsible for what we collectively do, so shut the fuck up and enjoy your alien anal probe.

And who is to say that “evolution” is only a natural process, and not also an artificial one? So if our next step as a species is to be part alien, and adhere to new philosophies or beliefs, why is this exactly bad? I am pretty sure when most of you who have read of the Neanderthal species and how it eclipsed to make space for Homo Sapiens, you applaud it (even subconsciously). Well, what if this is something like this? Why stop progress? Who is to say that we are better than this hybrid species and we deserve to continue be who we are? And who says that if we weren’t the ones with the superior technology we wouldn’t do the exact same thing to other alien species? I bet you $100 that’s what we would do!

Maybe at the very end it is all about the law of the jungle, but on a galactic terrain. Don’t get me wrong. In the event of an alien invasion, I will be in the front line, fighting for my, personal right(?) to live. I fantasize of punching Greys in the face. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t “understand” where these beings are coming from, and why they do the things they do. It’s just that when I read comments online from alleged abductees saying that “the Greys are not ethical beings”, it first makes me chuckle, and then it makes me angry. Are we all so blind, hypocritical, and arrogant anymore?

Ok, back to real world now. Felt good in the la-la land.


Emma Woods wrote on May 20th, 2009 at 10:06 PM PST:

I personally think it is quite possible that these “hybrids”, if that is what they are (or what we perceive as them, have been around for thousands of years or longer. If that is the case, it is just as likely that they are not going to be taking over anytime soon.

In my opinion Dr. Jacobs’ research methodology is pretty flawed (you can see more about this at my website at a page called Dr. David Jacobs’ Account of a “Hybrid” Warning – Audio Clip.) I would not put any store on theories based on his research without having a good close look at the origins of it and judging it independently.

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Eugenia wrote on May 20th, 2009 at 10:29 PM PST:

It doesn’t matter if Jacob’s theory is right or wrong. The point of the article is to showcase the double standard of the alien abductees who say that their situation is unfair, and that the Greys don’t have the right to do what they do to them. I beg to differ, you see.

As for Jacob’s theories, if alien hybrids are real, I would back his theory because it seems the most plausible to me. I don’t see the point of making hybrids “for thousands of years” for no good reason. You only make hybrids just so they can survive in a specific planet that you plan to colonize.

Emma Woods wrote on May 21st, 2009 at 12:41 AM PST:

I agree with you there probably is a double standard. We are so used to being top dog of the planet (except for battling microbes and so on), that we don’t see our actions in the same way. I suppose it comes down to each species wanting to do what is best for themselves.

In regard to hybrids, I don’t think it necessarily follows that if they have been made for this planet that their intention is to take us over. If they are here, they could simply have a job to do here for which they need to be able to operate easily in our planetary environment, and they have been bred for that. It could even be something that they don’t ever want us to really know about, before they take off again.

If they are going to take over, perhaps they will do it just by inter-breeding with us. That might not be a bad thing. The way we are going, we are doing a good job of damaging our planetary ecosystem, and poverty and war seems to be repeated through the ages. If hybrids exist, and their interbreeding with us makes a better world for all concerned, perhaps that could be a good thing. (Personally I have an open mind about whether they even exist or not.)

Thom Holwerda wrote on May 21st, 2009 at 4:15 AM PST:

Sorry to do this again, but uhm, this again reminds of a certain TV series… sure, it were machines there, and it are aliens here, but still… Uncanny.


Dominique wrote on May 22nd, 2009 at 11:33 PM PST:

>> Maybe at the very end it is all about the law of the jungle, but on a galactic terrain

Add in some hyper-dimensional reality aspect and I think that’s a pretty good hypothesis.

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