Archive for April 4th, 2009

Malbec’s fifth EP is out

Malbec’s ‘The Answering Machine’ EP’s are a series of 5 EPs being released over 5 months, the fifth one released today. They are free to download both in mp3, and WAV uncompressed high quality format.

Two of their three music videos so far were shot with an HV20. The following music video is my favorite of the three, it was the one shot with a Panasonic HVX200 instead.

YouTube’s money burner

I read today something that I have read elsewhere too: that Youtube burns lots more money than they make. I think it’s safe to assume that part of their problem is their massive bandwidth needs. Bandwidth doesn’t come for free, as I have said in many occasions.

It was always my opinion that youtube should not be auto-starting the videos when someone is hitting one of their video pages. I think that this can save them a good percentage of bandwidth per year. It’s many times I visit a youtube page just to read a comment or get a link out of the description and not watch the actual video.

And possibly they should start charging for HD embedding, like Vimeo does.