Random Stuff, Part 27

* If you are a filmmaker and videographer interested in finding royalty-free music, please read my explanation of Creative Commons here. Most of your questions about CC music should be answered in that post. Reply there, or email me if you have more.

* I watched Coldplay on SNL the other night. Chris Martin, their singer, simply can’t sing. The guy just can’t hit the high notes, it was laughable watching him running around like a lunatic on the stage and not being able to actually sing. Note that I am a huge fan of Coldplay, I love their music. But seeing their singer performing live, it was an exercise in patience. Later, Dave Cook, the American Idol winner, was performing on SNL too, and while I hate his music (Bryan Adams-y kind of music), the guy can actually sing.

* I watched “Akira” last night. I really don’t know why it is rated so highly on IMDb. It’s probably the best anime out there, but overall it wasn’t amazing. Maybe I just don’t get anime, who knows.

* I am a pacifist, so Proposition H 2005 (applicable only to San Franciscans) is an interesting one to me. This local ordinance was meant to test the Supreme Court and the Constitution about the “right to keep and bear arms”. Now, here’s the thing. Depending on HOW you read that line of text in the Constitution, you either understand that every citizen should have the right to bear arms for whatever reason, or that this right is for militia purposes in case the people need to restore a fallen democracy. I am not against personal protection with a gun when and if required (e.g. in this recent rape case), but the militia argument is irrelevant in this day and age. If citizens need to revolt against a gone-bad government, then having some handguns in their closet won’t do jack. The wars today are fought with biological weapons, tanks, fighter planes. Unless citizens are allowed to buy an F-22 at an affordable price, the “right to bear arms” is just pointless. And so all we end up with, are just some crazies who buy guns and then they kill on a whim. In other words, the rest of us must endure the residue of a law that’s not applicable anymore. Some say that banning guns will make it easier for thugs and rapists to do harm. Well, citizens who want to protect themselves should get a taser gun (it’s not considered a “firearm” in the US), or even better, create special low-power non-lethal taser-like guns that can fire only up to three electrified blobs. I think that this would be a good middle ground for both camps: completely non-lethal, minimized functionality guns, used for protection only. Maybe what this law needs is such a provision to make sense to most traditionalists. I won’t even go into discussion about “guns used in hunting”, because I am against hunting altogether. Isn’t Safeway enough for you?

* A nice video against Proposition 8 from Larry Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, and Stanford law professor:

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