William Shatner: a big kid

If you heard, George Takei married his boyfriend of many years recently, and William Shatner was not invited. Takei gave the reason that they didn’t have enough space for more guests, and so Shatner was left out as Takei didn’t like him anyway. Takei said that Shatner always tried to make Star Trek all about him during shooting, and he was a primadonna every time they worked together.

Shatner replied with the following video on his youtube channel, that shows that he can’t deal with all that:

I take Takei’s side on this because I can tell how Shatner operates. Even his friend, Leonard Nimoy, doesn’t seem to take him that seriously. When we saw both at the Star Trek 40th anniversary a few years back, Nimoy was making fun of Shatner on stage, and I could tell that it was not all for good fun — although Nimoy does cares for Shatner. It seems that Nimoy knows that Shatner is just a big kid, and so he just goes along with it. Others are not as tolerable, and don’t understand his psyche, and so they shun him away. That’s my take anyway.

A few weeks ago, Shatner said to the press that he was not invited to act on the new Star Trek movie, but JJ Abrams replied that he did invite him to have a cameo, but Shatner wanted to have a large part of the story be about him. When Abrams refused, Shatner didn’t want anything to do with it. But Shatner kept insisting that he was not invited. When I read their public dispute about this, George Takei’s talk about Shatner’s need to be the focus of each movie came to mind (George said that months ago). I don’t particularly like JJ Abrams, but I take his word on this. Shatner is in the red here for one more time. Too much ego.

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