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Adding some atmosphere

Original picture by mamamusings, licensed under the CC-BY-SA.

After color grading (Magic Bullet’s “King of pain” template)

Getting a new PC

After 3.5 years with the same slow 3 Ghz P4, it was time to upgrade. Funny thing is, I was not going to, but looking at prices at DELL’s site with my husband (who was also looking into getting a new PC for Photoshop to replace his old G4 Mac), I ended up chatting with a DELL representative who gave me $250 off on a QuadCore 2.4 Ghz XPS 630. She added 64bit Vista (will use mostly the 32bit of Vegas Pro though), 6 GB RAM, and a 640 GB drive (all options that were not available on DELL’s XPS site). If she was not doing these changes for me, I wouldn’t have gone ahead (in fact, I wasn’t looking into buying yet as I am waiting for the new crop of AVCHD cameras first). Thing is though, my PC is slow and my XP is slowly degrading (it now takes a full 4-5 minutes before my PC is usable after a clean reboot).

The only thing I was not careful about though was to get the ATi HD3870 GDDR4 instead of the GeForce 9800 GT 512MB. The ATi model has an additional HDMI port and it’s faster in sheer hardware speed (bus/memory throughput) which is what I am mostly interested rather than special drivers/APIs or OpenGL (as Vegas don’t supports those anyway). But on the other hand, Magic Bullet for Editors 2.1 is only accelerated with GeForce cards, so I am kinda stuck here (I still use the older version of Magic Bullet even if I own the brand new version, as the brand new version is too buggy).

Don’t get beaten by Madonna

Podcast application rejected from the AppStore

Apple rejected a Podcast app from its AppStore for having a “duplicated functionality” with iTunes. The developer explains that the current podcast solution requires iTunes syncing — and therefore a Mac/PC –, while his application can download the podcasts directly from WiFi/3G/EDGE, without the need of syncing. After reading this, I posted on his blog, and emailed him the following:

“Wanna bet that the problem was not the “duplicated functionality” but the amount of data that your app would have to piggyback on AT&T’s EDGE and 3G? I am willing to bet that Apple has a contract with AT&T (so AT&T could allow them to create the AppStore in the first place — as you remember AT&T was not loving the idea) that no app can use over XXX amount of data per usage. And your app uses A LOT of data.

At least this is my personal opinion (I have no [insider] insights or clues, just an opinion based on my experience with this industry that I have reported for years now as a tech journalist). To me, the “duplicated functionality” is just an excuse for the real reason behind all this. Apple can’t tell you the truth because then AT&T will be pissed off, and Apple will look like it’s bending over to AT&T. So they just give you that stupid excuse. Again, just my personal analysis of the situation after reading your blog.”

He replied:

“But why not just ask me to put that limitation in place. I would do it.”

And I replied back:

“Because there was the strong possibility of you not agreeing with it as it
would severely limit your app and therefore your sales, and this would also
expose them as bend-overs to AT&T. Besides, it’s not in Apple’s nature to
sit and negotiate that stuff, they either allow or disallow…”

I have to also point you in an older blog post of mine where I discussed the limitations imposed by the license of the iPhone SDK or Apple’s iron control over it. Among those discussed was the “duplicate functionality” point, and some of my readers didn’t believe me back then that this was even a real point that Apple would exercise control over. Well, guys, when I write something, I know why I am writing it.