Eve Online

I am not into MMOs, but this game really sounds exciting. “Eve Online” is a space saga, and in all accounts, a 3D online re-implementation of the classic “Elite“.

It’s not only its theme that I like, but from what I read online it’s the MMO for “smart people”. Where all the “normal” people might play Everquest or WoW, this one is meant for players who can handle complex situations.

It would be great the day where an MMO could offer a pretty complex infrastructure in space, not just traders and pirates like in Eve, but a place where government officials, police, doctors, and a multitude of judges (voted on/off by the players) are all played by real gamers. In other words, try to create a realistic world, within that mostly-trader space game. That, ad-hock additions, and user-created plugins that allow creation of objects shouldn’t be too far away.

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