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“The Chauffeur” by Duran Duran

The Duran Duran were my favorite band in the ’80s — no need to mention that I, as most of my friends at the time, also wanted to marry bassist John Taylor when I would grow up. “Save a prayer“, and “Come undone” were always my favorite tracks, but I never realized, until tonight when I saw them performing it on TV at “live at Webley 2004”, how good “The Chauffeur” really is. A very little known gem. Even the Deftones did a rock cover of it apparently.

Eve Online

I am not into MMOs, but this game really sounds exciting. “Eve Online” is a space saga, and in all accounts, a 3D online re-implementation of the classic “Elite“.

It’s not only its theme that I like, but from what I read online it’s the MMO for “smart people”. Where all the “normal” people might play Everquest or WoW, this one is meant for players who can handle complex situations.

It would be great the day where an MMO could offer a pretty complex infrastructure in space, not just traders and pirates like in Eve, but a place where government officials, police, doctors, and a multitude of judges (voted on/off by the players) are all played by real gamers. In other words, try to create a realistic world, within that mostly-trader space game. That, ad-hock additions, and user-created plugins that allow creation of objects shouldn’t be too far away.

No comment…

Saturday, 6:30 PM: Sitting at the office, with the iTunes AppStore open in my screen. JBQ and I are laughing at the people who bought the most popular app for the iPhone, a fishpond simulator. We make a note as to how useless this app is, and how easily people buy crap.

Saturday, 7:15 PM: JBQ is in the living room using his Wii. I enter the room, and not long afterwards JBQ buys a fishtank simulator for the Wii via its online game store.

No comment.

Regarding orange juice

In spite of what some of you might think, I love my country. A country filled with orange and lemon trees. And yet, I ask you: why the hell orange juice is so bad in Greece?

The only kind of orange juice I could find is the water-down version with a half a kilo of added sugar in it, heavily concentrated. Fruit juice brands like “Amita” rule in Greece (Coca-Cola owns the brand), and yet, they have nothing in common with the quality we can get in UK, France or in USA for the same amount of money. It’s a bit of a mystery to me how a country that has so many fruit trees can’t get their recipes right.

Then again, it might just be a “used to” thing. You see, I am old enough to remember the first time fruit juices were actually available in the shops at my town in Epirus: mid-’80s. Before that time, if you wanted a fruit juice, you needed to pick the fruits from the tree and make it yourself. Given the financial capacity of most people at the time, it might have made business sense for companies like Amita to introduce these cheap, watered-down crap juices. Problem is, 25 years afterwards Greeks are used to these unhealthy juices and either would never consider a more expensive but real orange juice (with pulp in it and all), or they are not even aware of them (e.g. my mother never had a good glass of bottled orange juice).

Now, I am not saying that there aren’t any “real” orange juices out there, but I haven’t found any at the shops I looked at for (ranging from the local shops, to “Lidl”, to “Marinopoulos”). I must also mention the orange juice we had at our hotel in Athens during our 2-day stay there: an even worse, more watered-down, smelly even, version. JBQ noted during our breakfast there: “this is disgusting”.