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Great Expectations

A handful of people wrote lately online saying that they “expected more of me” in terms of video. They marked my latest video as “half-assed”, despite my explanation of the tiny timeframe we had to shoot it and the lack of locations.

Well, see, here’s the real problem. When you are a very public person, like I am, people expect from you more than they would expect from others. Even if I have never excelled, studied, or even offer suggestions in art. I offer suggestions regarding software problems and software tricks, which is where I excel. But I never wrote an article or forum thread to say “if you use this angle you will be able to achieve this”, or “if you use that shutter speed you can then get this look and then couple it with that scene” etc etc. My filmmaking advices are all software-related, and how to best use software to get an acceptable result, not how to put together an Oscar-worthy movie. Even my recent article on how I do travel videos, was just a description of how I do things, not necessarily how travel videos should be done.

But from the moment you get “known” in that small community and gaining some authority because of that side of knowledge, then the expectations go through the roof. They want to see you excel in places that you don’t really have much to do with (I am just an amateur filmmaker like most in that community, started shooting just a year ago), and they will crucify you if you release something imperfect. It comes with the territory I guess.

Make no mistake, I don’t mind critique of my work. But when they say that they “expected more of me”, me in particular, I find this to be unfair. It’s like telling me that “Joe Videographer can release an imperfect video, but you Eugenia, are not. We only expect the best from you”.

Random Stuff, Part 22

* I received an mp3 player for review last week. It came loaded with a… chinese song and with the Downloader.Banload.GZH trojan. Apparently, the device had an autorun.inf file in there, and a usb2.0.exe file. The autorun.inf file was calling the execution of usb2.0.exe during the mounting of the player. So you end up getting the trojan without even having to execute the file yourself. The interesting thing is that the usb2.0.exe file was NOT visible by Windows Explorer, but it was visible under Mac OS X and Linux. Thankfully, my anti-virus seems to have caught the file and removed it, although this happened only the second time I mounted the device, so I wasn’t sure if I caught any spyware or not. I later ran the latest AVG anti-virus, Windows Defender and Ad-Aware, but none of the apps found anything suspicious on my system. I have emailed the sellers of the device and I expect them to remove the whole range of these devices from their shelves. If you have any of these devices (1, 2, 3, 4) you might be in danger (it doesn’t mean that all the batches have the trojan attached, but many might). Update: The shop says that they found no trojan on their side, so this might have been a false positive.

* Today we went for the second round of shopping for my brother in law’s wedding. JBQ got two beautiful suits, I got a nice business suit too among others. Oh, and two new bras…

* After shopping we went to eat out. We decided to go to Menlo Park’s “Chillies”. I started crying when we arrived, I couldn’t stop. Reason? The restaurant is just across where the Be, Inc. offices used to be (20 meters away, across the street). I only visited the Be offices 3 times I think in my life, but remembering the whole “hope” around BeOS at the time and the effort the community and engineers put back then, reduced me to tears. JBQ became annoyed which I interpreted it as “don’t remind me please, I am trying not to care, and I do a good job so far”.