Archive for July 21st, 2008

Cleaning up the office

I am trying to clean up the office so I have 4 machines to give away (I won’t bother trying to sell them): an AthlonXP 1.6 ghz, a Duron 1.3ghz, a dual Celeron 533 mhz, and a Pegasos 1. From all these machines, only the Duron works properly and the Pegasos only when used with Morphos 1.4 and not with 2.0. I installed Ubuntu on the Duron and it’s ready to go, while the Pegasos could actually land me at least $100 if I could install morphos 2.0 (the CRT monitor goes out of sync when loading the installer CD). The AthlonXP and the dual Celeron are completely dead, they don’t start at all. It still is weird to see a machine go completely dead while it was working the last time I used it (granted, about 2 years ago).

Update: Today is not my day. One of my PDAs died too (well, just the battery, still works when plugged in).

Dolorata’s drummer

Just a clarification for those who don’t recognize the drummer of my latest music video, Dolorata‘s “You’ve Gotta Want It“. Dawn Richardson used to be the drummer of “4 Non Blondes”, a band that had a big hit back in early ’90s with the song “What’s up“.

Random Stuff, Part 21

* I watched the indie film “First Snow” tonight (trailer) and it is one of the best movies I have seen lately. It has a rather low rating on IMDb, in my opinion it’s vastly underrated. The movie is the epitome of “character development”. First time director Mark Fergus does an excellent job, and cinematography is great too. No wonder it’s a good movie, as Fergus also co-wrote “Children of Men” and “Iron Man”. Great talent and one writer/director to watch for.

* I managed to upgrade my iPhone to 2.0 firmware and unlock it last night. This wasn’t easy. I had to try 2-3 times to get it in to the right “restore” mode.

* This article says that Indie music is dead. It reminded me what the older people tell to younger ones: “in our generation, we did things better”. The article is just wrong in so many ways that is not even funny.

* Google’s Jeremy Allison blogged about LinuxHater (thanks for the link Dimitar). He gives a lot of good points, but he ends up saying that the problem with FOSS is “just a few bugs”, while the problem really is leadership, culture, and project management.

* This is why I am an atheist. Because cults, mysticism, dogmas and all that shit, don’t make any sense whatsoever.

* Larry King has hosted UFO-related shows many times, and the most recent one was a few days ago. I feel that he is a believer even if he will never admit it publicly.