Random Stuff, Part 20

* RMS writes FUD about the Gates Foundation. He should be ashamed of this. In my opinion, RMS has completely lost it.

* Went out on Thursday to shoot a property. I had a great time, there are some really nice places in Los Gatos (south Bay Area).

* My husband on his work at Android.

* There is still justice, some times.

* Good news for sci-fi lovers. The 25 minute footage of the original “Metropolis” 1927 movie that was lost for almost 80 years, has been found back. Now the movie will make more sense.

* And speaking of sci-fi. Last year I was whining that there are no space-based sci-fi movies anymore. Milos was quick to tell me that “Sunshine” was the only one (I did watch it a few months back and didn’t really like its second part). But this year? I really didn’t hear about any movie that uses spaceships and the like. No, WALL-E doesn’t count, I am talking real live action here.

* Lots of editorials lately discuss if it’s cheating to have sex with a human-looking robot or not. My opinion is that it’s simply pathetic. Cheating or not. Not different than these plastic dolls really. If you have to use a plastic doll, it’s just a pathetic state. It’s not about ethics, I don’t find it unethical to use sex toys or dolls/robots. But it’s more of “get out more you stupid couch potato, and get some real girlfriends” kind of thing rather than anything else.

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