The hole that Apple falls in

Look at this picture. It’s a screenshot from apple’s AppleTV. Look at it carefully and hard to find something wrong with it. You see, the reality is that a UI can tell you a lot about how a company thinks, especially a company that invests a lot in UI design.

What bothers me in that UI is that the “My Movies” menu item is the very last on the video menu. It’s placed by Apple even below the “Trailers”, which are nothing but ads. This shows me how little Apple respects the filmmaking artists in general. If you don’t endorse, via the UI even, the personal video items that folks do at home, you will eventually get users who will pay less attention to the filmmaking art in general: either via not becoming the future Spielbergs, or even via stop buying as many movies as they do now via the iTunes Store.

And that would be the epitome of the read-only culture, as Stanford professor Larry Lessig calls it. Users who are passive in front of iTunes’ offerings, instead of being endorsed to shoot their own videos too. And Apple does this damage without any help from the MPAA/RIAA front, it has just fell on its own pit, without realizing it. This very small detail, shows to me, that Apple is not more modern or forward thinking than MPAA/RIAA themselves (at least when it comes to the AppleTV department), because they can’t see the big picture either. They are in this only for their little store in the corner, without realizing that when time will be 7 PM the market will be empty of shoppers.

The sad part is that this is the same company that also develops iMovie, FCE and FCP.

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