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God damn stupidity

I mean, really. Do you have to wonder why traditionally big companies are going the way of the dodo? It’s because their god damn R&D departments getting the go-ahead for products that make no market sense — not for that price range anyway.

Here’s the latest one from HP: the HP MediaSmart Connect. It’s a streamer device for media. It also supports an optional hard drive. It costs $349. Read the link for more tech specs info.

Ok, now let me ask you. Why in the love of God, would ANYONE, buy THAT product over a Sony PS3. The Sony PS3 costs $399, it can pretty much do everything that this HP device can, but it also comes with a 40 GB (and easily upgradeable) hard drive, you can play games with it, have Internet access through it if desired, and most importantly, you can playback Blu-Ray movies too. Additionally, the PS3 can playback m2t & m2ts/mts HD files directly from a consumer HD camcorder, and it even supports AVCHD HD video written on plain DVD disks (poor man’s home Blu-Ray disks).

And don’t get me started about the marketing games of the HP press release. They talk about HDMI and how you can connect the device to an HDTV, but they say NOTHING about being able to decode full 1080p video rather than just upconverting (the PS3 can). Also, they don’t mention anything about being able to playback h.264 video (they only mention MPEG4, but MPEG4 doesn’t always mean AVC h.264). No h.264 mentioning, no dice.

So honestly, there are zero reasons for someone to buy this fugly HP thing. Whoever bends and buys it without doing some research first, is as high as HP itself for bringing it to the market in the first place. This is epic failure.

Sure I’d buy this device. But not for a dollar over $150 (if it has 1080p decoding support), or just $100 if it only decodes 480p video (and then just upconverts to HD). But at the current price it must be a joke.

Ungzip my pants and suck my tarballs

The one and only Linux Hater, ladies and gentlemen.

The slow death of Gnomefiles

I wrote back in 2004. It still is the only GTK-only software repository out there that’s still maintained. It works pretty well, and it’s full-featured-enough to get it going. Originally, Gnomefiles would do an average of 25,000 pageviews per day. Then, sometime in 2006 things got slowed down and today it doesn’t average more than 12,000 pageviews per day (June stats). It’s on the track for a slow death.

Sure, you could blame the fact that package managers work better these days, or that Ubuntu is the clear winner, or that GTK+ app development is pretty sterile these days, or that the site hasn’t changed visually or whatever. But honestly, none of these reasons is strong enough to bring the site to its knees rather than flourish it through the years.

The real problem is with the GNOME project not embracing Gnomefiles. Their web team promised me back in 2006 that if I do some changes to Gnomefiles they will add the feed to most pages of (a special feed that I made just for them that doesn’t contain non-Free apps). I did all the changes they asked that were logical to implement without spending months of redesigning and breaking stuff, but after 2+ years, no cake. Quim Gill has emailed me since then to say that he doesn’t know anymore what’s going on with that new version of site and why Gnomefiles is still not better promoted. The only link Gnomefiles gets from is hidden away. We are lucky if we get 20 referrals from there daily. Not only that, but the blurb when they link to us wrongly says for 3 years now that “we do not clearly identify free and non-free apps”, which is wrong, because that’s one of the things I changed when asked to by the Gnome guys in that mailing list 2 years go (e.g. in this example, it is well-described that’s not Free).

The GTK+ community is small, and if the big guy doesn’t embrace you, you’re eventually dead. This is not a community that’s as big as Apple’s, neither we are VersionTracker. Gnomefiles is grass roots, it’s small, but it works and it needs the support of There is nothing more I can do to make Gnomefiles more popular with the users (no Mr developer, there won’t be any DOAP support but that’s hardly the problem here because the problem is more regular users, not necessarily more developers).

I have put a feed at OSNews, I maintain over 260 apps all by myself (out of 2010 apps listed there), but all this is not enough without the main project site also helping out with more prominent links to the site. And no, I don’t collect money from the ads, Gnomefiles belongs to David Adams’ OSNews LLC which pays for the server costs, I always did Gnomefiles for the love of it.

I believe that Gnomefiles offers a unique service to the Gnome/GTK+ community, but I need support from too. I am not willing to see the site die a slow death; that’s not why I wrote it. I prefer to completely pull the plug, or at least never update it ever again and become irrelevant even faster, rather than to see it towards such a fate.