Best Indie Bands in the Bay Area

Sure, the Bay Area produced bands like the successful Metallica and Green Day, but there are some real gems in the unsigned harsh world of the music scene. These are my favorite bands in my local scene, at least so far, as I have listened to only about 70 of them. 300+ more to go (as you can see, I went as far as the letter “D”). Thankfully they all have mySpace pages to make it easy to preview their music.

#5. Dangermaker
I love their song “Need”. Review soon up at the OWL magazine.

#4. Dolorata
All-female hard rock band. Best song “The Keys”. I’d love to direct an R rated music video for that song.

#3. BellaVista
These are the most well known guys in the list. Good music, they sell well too.

#2. Cold Hot Crash
Great band, easy listening. Funny thing is that my favorite song of theirs is their rock cover for the Christmas song “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear”.

#1. Drist
Second most well known band in the list. Each one of their songs are amazing. Very talented, if only they could put it together to release their third album…

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