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Leaking nipples on men

I just saw this picture of the ’70s Hulk, bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. His nipples are leaking. According to Google, two things are happening: either he has breast cancer (very rare for men), or his hormones are having a break-dance because of steroids.

Steroids are bad for you. Stay away. I don’t understand why people do these kinds of things to themselves. I try to even stay away from aspirins when I have a headache, let alone get any other kind of drugs that I can live without.

The new iPhone 3G

A year ago I wrote my little wish-list blog post about the iPhone 2.0. In there, I listed a number of features that I needed, and according to online discussions some of these features are wanted by everybody (e.g. file picker, cut/copy/paste, Flash, etc). At the end of my blog post, I wrote: “Overall, I am impressed so far with the iPhone, for a v1.0 product. I will have my bar higher for v2.0 though.

And the time has come to rate the new iPhone 3G. This is a product that doesn’t meet my expectations. Absolutely none of my software needs were met, and only two out of my seven hardware requirements were met. Heck, Apple didn’t even bother upgrading their 2 MP camera which is shitty and its controlling software is under-featured for a luxury phone like the iPhone is.

And no, the upcoming “App Store” won’t fix these needs that I have because either many of my needs require true integration so they need to be delivered by Apple, or the restrictive license agreement for the SDK prevents the creation of such apps from third parties. In other words, it fucking sucks.

This is not to say that the new iPhone 3G doesn’t have some nice additions, like Exchange (which I personally don’t need), MobileMe Push (which I personally don’t need), 3G (which I personally need only occasionally as EDGE/WiFi are more than enough for my needs), GPS (twice a year need), little additions here and there. So where are the things I need daily, like cut/copy/paste and Flash?!? The iPhone 3G’s software still feels like a fix v1.2 release rather than a real v2.0. This Apple announcement today was very underwhelming for me. There is no way in hell I will be upgrading my iPhone hardware, and I will think twice before going in to the pain of upgrading the software (especially as my unlocked iPhone will get locked if I do). There is nothing for me there.

Update:Apple shares fell 4% after the iPhone announcement, as some investors were left wanting more from the gadget maker,” reports CNN. Good to hear that there are others who felt the same way as I did.

Random Stuff, Part 16

* Magic Bullet Looks for Vegas is now out. The new version is a bit faster and adds more looks and control over the way you can grade, plus a “blur the background” template that I actually used in two shots of my HIJK video (I was a beta tester for Vegas’ version of MB Looks so I had access to it some months ago). Overall, this is a software package that deserves the money it costs. Color grading is not something you should be forgetting on your work.

* I recently started writing some music CD reviews for The OWL Magazine. I am only reviewing local bands, so through this opportunity I got to know the Dangermaker. Amazing band! One of the top-5 indie bands in the whole of the Bay Area (which has over 350 rock bands). Go to their site to download four of their songs for free.

* I decided to not buy the Sony DVP-FX820 external monitor for now, but to use the Linux-based Pontis PMP that I had in my closet for 3 years. Apparently, it has an AV-in, so I could use that for focusing and framing with the 35mm adapter. The good thing about this device is that it’s light and easily rotateable, although its 3.5″ QVGA screen and battery life are not ideal. I wish my Archos had on-board AV-in, that would have kicked ass, as the Archos has a much better resolution, 16:9 screen, and battery life.

* I have found over 10 bugs on Windows Live Mail in the month I am using it. I hate its guts.