Michio Kaku on stuff

Dr Michio Kaku Ph.D, astrophysicist and theoretical physicist, professor in the City University of New York, book author and science TV personality, on several cool topics. If you are available for 15 minutes today, watch the following:

* Michio Kaku on the future of civilization, explaining the different Types of it and why we are currently living in the most important part of the human history. Kaku is explaining in terms of economy, technology and sociology the steps we will take to become a Type I civilization (aka “New World Order”) and how people who oppose this are simply “terrorists living in fear unable to embrace change”. Must see.

* Michio Kaku on aliens and physics, explaining how limited SETI is, and how limited we are as a species to be remotely interesting to aliens that pass by. Kaku, like most modern scientists, obviously believes in the existance of intelligent life elsewhere, and he thinks that it’s possible that we have been visited, it’s just that we are too stupid to even take notice that we have.

* Michio Kaku on String Theory, explaining how the string theory might be “our” only way out of a dying universe in a few billion or trillion years.

* Michio Kaku on the possibility of Time Travel, and why there are no time paradoxes (e.g. killing your mother before she gives birth to you) as the harmony of the multiverse will create an alternative timeline in order to cater for the paradox.

* Michio Kaku on Artificial Intelligence being 100 years off as of yet and people who say otherwise are just way too optimistic. I fully agree with him on his opinion, and it’s something that I have discussed before.

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