Regarding virginity

France’s ruling UMP party has opposed a French court’s decision to annul a marriage between two Muslims because the wife lied about being a virgin“, BBC reports.

I personally support the court’s decision rather than the UMP/feminist opposition to the ruling. The point is not that she was or was not a virgin, but the fact that she flat-out lied about it to her husband, even if she knew that this was something that was important to him. There can’t be a marriage based on lies, no matter if the subject of the disagreement is laughable or not. Marriage must have sincerity, and this one didn’t. Therefore, the annulment was the correct ruling, and the feminists should shut up. The woman should accept the specific ruling (because she admitted to lying), but then counter-sue her ex-husband on grounds of discrimination.

On a more general tone, there is no major importance of virginity. It’s something that men invented in order to control women. Humans, like many animals, are meant to have multiple partners — unless they decide they want to stay with one for some time. It is nature’s way to be able to have children from different people, in order to maximize the chances of having your genes survive. The above doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the institution of marriage, but it does mean that we can survive without it too. Except for tax reasons, it’s just not necessary, at least not for the strongest, healthiest and most handsome people who can easily find new partners. If two people decide to stay together for longer, that’s cool too.

I lost my virginity to my first fiance, a few days before I turned 19. While it hurt a bit, he was very patient and super-careful with me, and so I didn’t drip a single drop of blood. Now, how could I explain this to his mother who the week before she was telling to everybody in our small town that after our night together she will take the bed sheets and hang them outside so everyone could see the blood in order to prove her family’s honor?

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