Proof that “Lost” rules among geeks

If you are a geek and you don’t watch “Lost”, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Proof about the geekiness of “Lost”:

* Michio Kaku, one of the very well known figures in the scientific documentaries on TV and professor of physics at the City Unversity of New York, wrote a review of Lost’s last night finale and discusses the crazy science of Lost.
* Mythbuster’s Adam Savage wrote an article too, mostly about the practicality of blowing things up on the show.
* Richard Muller is a professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley and he also wrote an article about last night’s “Lost”.
* And then there’s this article discussing the rest of the scientific or pseudo-scientific parts of the show.
* And of course, particle accelerators!

On the less positive side, Harold Perrineau, who was written off from last night’s season finale, is pissed off about his demise. Not only he is talkative about it, but he even pulled the race card to defend his anger. Well, Harold, it was you who wanted to leave “Lost” originally for another show. And when that other show didn’t get picked up by the TV networks, you wanted back. Well, the world of “Lost” is not a kind one, but your death was noble and your character was redeemed. So take it and be happy with what you got.

Here’s a review of last night’s finale. Personally, I found it a bit boring. The helicopter scenes have been done before, it felt old to me. And that god damn frozen donkey wheel…

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