Random stuff, part 14

* Americans are among the peoples who would kiss in mouth for casual greeting kissing. E.g. a mother kissing her son coming back from school. It puts me off seriously. Cheek kissing is barely acceptable in my opinion, but mouth kissing among family members yucks me. I know that this is just a getting-used to thing, just a peculiarity of a different culture like the ones you find on any culture, but it still yucks me (sorry my American friends, I just can’t stand potential herpes-spread).

* My brother saw the video I shot for the HIJK the other day and he couldn’t believe it. He kept saying “how did you do that?”. I guess I am not the average Greek middle-aged wife with 3 kids and no interests. He could also not believe that the band doesn’t have a contract. He kept saying “but the song is good, like the ones we listen to the radio, how is it possible to not have a contract?”. You see, in Greece, if you are 1/10 as good as any random indie US band, you get a contract. Music is that bad there (sorry my Greek friends, I just can’t stand Greek music).

* One of my favorite rock tracks of all time, Ranting of Eva’s “Bright Side”, is now available for a free download. You will need a myspace account to get it. Trust me, that nostalgic tune is the shit.

* Got a new mp3 player for an upcoming review, a Sandisk e280R 8GB. Looks good so far.

* Birthday tomorrow. I will be 35. I feel old. Think that we go to the same sushi restaurant for lunch every Saturday. This is the epitome of being old: repetition and habits. Love it though. I think I need to start playing Bingo.

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