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Madonna album quality over the years

I am a bit bummed about the lower quality of Madonna’s new album “Hard Candy”. In my opinion, this is her worst major studio album ever. I don’t think that the problem is that she doesn’t know how to put a good album together anymore, but I do think that she doesn’t care as much. You see, that’s an album that she “owes” to Warner Bros. before she gets out of her contract with them and move to her new label family. I would not be surprised if I found out that she didn’t care much about this album. Testament to this is the fact that she did very little TV promotional work for this new album compared to the older ones. Except 1-2 interviews on TV, she appeared nowhere else.

So, I put together my own ratings for her major studio albums (rating all the songs one by one per album), and here’s what I came up with. Apparently I like her early album work and her 2000-era better than her middle “erotica” career and her latest one. Special thanks to JBQ who helped me put that chart together at Google Docs, as I am a complete buffoon when it comes to spreadsheets.

The girlie side of me

Deep down inside, I have a girlie side too (where the hell did it go? ah, there it is). This version of Madonna’s “Erotica” song really brings out my girlie, romantic, even sexual side of me. I always kinda disliked the original “dirty” version of Erotica, but this one, along with the choreography, touches me so deeply that makes me take advances towards my husband. Only to be crushed by him 3 seconds later: “I am tired tonight baby…”.

Oh well, there’s always the weekend!