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CSI:Miami’s amazing looks

JBQ theorized that CSI:Miami might be shot in Velvia-like filmstock. Interesting theory. If that’s true it means that the only camera that can simulate that look is a RED-class one. Not possible with cameras like the HV20.

Interesting “Lost” theory

I saw that one on IMDb: Ben can’t kill Widmore, and Widmore can’t kill Ben, because they are each other’s constants. Interesting theory.

On some news from the upcoming “Lost” episodes, apparently the actors who play the plane pilot and Claire’s mother are casted for the finale. Sounds like Jack might find out the truth about who’s his half-sister is, although nothing is known at this point. And Richard “Maybelline Man” Alpert is back!

Also, I love this poll.

Revealing Photo Threatens a Major Disney Franchise

I fail to see why there is a controversy around Miley Cyrus’ photo. Why the media circus about it? Why even the apologizing comments from her and Disney? I found the picture artsy, not pornographic. If anything, this controversy is as stupid as having people getting shocked for seeing publicly someone in underwear, but completely ignore individuals on the beach in swimsuits.

Plus, she’s 15 now. She’s not 12 or 9 anymore. In the western world 15 year olds already have had sex, in one form or another. So why lie to the fans and behave that she’s still 9? She’s not. She’s evolving into a beautiful young woman, that the picture accurately, and artistically, captured.

And besides, 9 year old girls don’t read ‘Vanity Fair’. Their parents do. So these young kids who look up to Cyrus’ as a role model, under normal circumstances, will never see that photo. Instead, now that the media made such a big deal out of nothing, all the kids would want to see that photo.

Disney should shut the fuck up too. They should not control the lives of their employees outside their workplace. If they don’t like the development, they should fire her, not make stupid announcements about it. Cyrus is in the show business, and show business craves for some meat. If she doesn’t like that, she should quit and become a teacher.

Update: JBQ can’t understand this “controversy” either. He said: “Wait, and the photo was taken by ANNIE LEIBOWITZ? I mean, that’s the most respected name in portrait photography for like 30 years. Having your photo taken be Leibowitz would be like having paintings of you made by Andy Warhol, or something. Seriously, she’s the one who made the pregnant Demi Moore photos, and the incredible Lennon/Yoko Ono photo. Seriously, this is just outrageous. Literally.”

Update 2: JBQ blogged about it too.