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Sex-Starved Wives?

Michele Weiner-Davis wrote an article/study saying that women in America are sex-starved. She says that men should just wake up and serve their women.

What a whole lot of bull. She only looks at the symptom rather than the cause.

If Michele actually had taken into account the fact that the people who have less sex are Japanese, she would have figured out that the reason why people don’t have more sex is because of WORK TIRING AND STRESS, not because somehow “people shut off their libidos”, as she writes. Of course and people can’t have sex when the only thing they think is how to do stuff at work and take care of the family.

Look at Greeks. They are the people who have the most sex worldwide. Why? Because they live very care-free lives compared to how North Europeans or Americans or Japanese live. Young men usually sit around all day in the cafeterias and discuss each woman who passes by. And in the summer… ah… in the summer… The British are coming! There’s a contest as to who’s gonna fuck more British cunts. It’s a popular sport in places like Corfu.

And speaking of my personal love life, the ONLY reason why there’s gonna be a week that we will have more or less (or no) sex with JBQ is strictly work-related. There are nights that JBQ talks to his sleep about his work! That’s what he thinks all day, that’s what he even dreams about! There’s not much time for anything else in his life. He doesn’t even do any of his hobbies anymore. And that’s going on for years now. The money and the glory of working on important products comes with a price.

But when we happen to be on vacations, I can’t even take him off me! Why? Because he’s not stressed anymore, and so his “libido wakes up”.

So that psychologist who wrote that article, should have a reality checkup. If she wants to fix the problem it’s not about telling men to “wake up their libido and have sex”, because that would mean to add MORE PRESSURE to hard working men. Instead, she should write to her Congressman and explain the situation and ask for a change in the way Americans live their lives in general. It has nothing to do with the will of the dick.

Girl, 17, killed in Iraq for loving a British soldier

A 17-year-old Iraqi girl was murdered by her father in an honour killing after falling in love (no sex) with a British soldier she met while working on an aid programme in Basra, it has been claimed.

This is why I don’t even wanna hear some shit that some westerners are writing about muslims that “they are not all like that” etc etc. Well, here’s the thing: 80% of them are, in the most fanatical countries. Yes, I pulled this number out of my ass, but I can very well imagine how life is for women in most of these countries, while the rest of the westerner who surprisingly try to excuse the muslim culture can’t.

I have a father, who while he is a Christian in a European Community country, has more in common with the muslim way of looking at women and their rights (or lack thereof), than with the rest of the westerners. And the rural place I am coming from, it’s full of such men like my father. Greece is in the crossover between Middle East and Europe, and so older people in rural places are still very old fashioned. Things are turning of course, but I’ve already lost something there.

So, don’t give me that shit about how the muslim world is misunderstood. Between the forcing of women in marriage, genital mutilation, honor killings and daily beatings, I dislike that culture more than anything in the world (and ANY culture that doesn’t respect women’s lives), and I hope these men who engage in these actions die a horrible, slow death. Yeah, go ahead and call this blog post a “hate post”. But I’ve been the victim more than once of such behavior in my life, and not only I can’t condone it, but I have no choice but to fight it any way that I can.

Update: To explain this blog post: I certainly don’t mean disrespect to people who live in these countries but are NOT abusive. But what I write here is NOT just about the death of this girl and other honor killings. So please stop emailing me about “how can you criticize 1 billion people when only 1000 can do these things”. You see, what I am criticizing here is the WHOLE women rights problem, and that doesn’t adhere to just 1000 abusive patriarchs, but to about what, 100, 200, 300 million men? That’s a BIG number to simply ignore. You don’t have to kill your daughter for me to dislike you. A simple beating of your wife is enough to put you on the same bag with people I don’t like (this INCLUDES westerners btw). And especially when the government does not recognize equality between males and females, then the whole establishment is wrong, not just “a few people going bad”. And as I said above, I have no choice but to fight that, because I am a woman, and I’ve been there myself.

Exporting video for your local NTSC TV station

This is an exporting procedure where the output format is supported by most TV stations in US & Canada. On Vegas, the first thing you need to do is setup your “Project Properties” to match your source footage (use a template if available, or the “match footage” icon).

1. If they ask for HD footage, just export in HDV .m2t format, which is an exporting format most NLEs support. If you shot in AVCHD or any other full-HD format instead, you will still have to export in HDV (short of sending them uncompressed AVI footage in full HD resolution that is). It might be an idea to rename the .m2t file as .mpg — in case they use older equipment.

2. If they ask for SD NTSC widescreen footage then export like this (Vegas Pro required). Make a note to them that your footage is widescreen, just in case their software can’t read aspect ratios correctly. DV AVI is the second best way to deal with this, but it takes much more space.

1984 is here

A single mother has been fined £75 for “littering” after her 4 year old daughter dropped a piece of sausage roll on the pavement.