The Dharma stations

I feel like writing about the Dharma Initiative stations as seen in “Lost”. Lostpedia has some really nice info on them, with accompanied renderings of each station’s logo.

– “The Orchid” appears to be a time travel and tele-portation station.
– “The Looking Glass” was an underwater station used to guide vessels to the Island.
– “The Swan” was used to research the unique electromagnetic fluctuations of the Island.
– “The Arrow” was a restocking/storing supplies station.
– “The Flame” was a communications station.
– “The Hydra” was a station about zoological research.
– “The Tempest” was a power source and toxic gas controlling facility.
– “The Staff” was a medical research and operation station.
– “The Pearl” was a psychological research and observation facility.
– “The Temple” is a sanctuary and not much is known about it.

The logo that Ben wore on his jacket on the latest episode is believed to be “Orchid”‘s. I believe he wakes up in the middle of the desert because he got tele-ported there. We should see his great escape from the island at the end of this season.

The logos of each station are pretty cool. They should make nice t-shirts. 😉

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