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Open Sourcing the Mobile Detection Kit

I meant to do that years ago, but hey, it’s never too late. My little baby, the browser detection kit for usage with mobile sites. More info at OSNews.


I got pwned by a guy on IM today:

Anonymous: Hey, Eugenia, would you like the URL to download the movie “Jumper”?
Eugenia: No.
Anonymous: Why not?
Eugenia: I don’t do piracy.
Anonymous: It’s not piracy!!! You watch it, and if you like it, you buy it.
Eugenia: No, it does not work this way. You don’t eat the tomato before you buy it.
Anonymous: No, but you can see if a tomato is good or not before you buy it. So you would buy a rotten tomato?
Eugenia: You can still read reviews and watch a trailer for a movie. And you can go to and read more reviews and comments.
Anonymous: So, if I want to buy a tomato I need to first ask the shop owner if his tomatoes are good or not?
Eugenia: Sure, why not?
Anonymous: Because the only thing he wants to do is sell, sell, sell…
Eugenia: You can only buy from the people you know that they have good tomatoes.
Anonymous: Well, see, I already paid for the movie in the theater.
Eugenia: Yes, but you paid for the cinema view, not for a free copy. You are not allowed to copy movies. You should wait and buy the DVD.
Anonymous: Yes, I will buy the DVD too. From that Chinese guy around the corner!!

Random stuff, part 10

* This cold was so hard on me that last night I was extremely tired at 8:30 PM (and I’ve done nothing all day). I slept until 8 AM the next day. Today, I still feel weak (and bored).

* Sony wants to add a video renting service to the PS3. But they are doing the same mistake again as they have done for other products. Instead of using established solutions, they re-invent the wheel. I can tell you right now that I have no interest whatsoever opening a new Sony account and paying-per-movie. What I wanted is Netflix support, where I already have an account and I can watch as many movies as I want for $10 per month. THAT’S what needed to be done, but noooo, Sony has to fuck it up again.

* I am hearing that the 3-part finale of “Lost” is very powerful and twisty, like last year’s. Because of that I am seriously thinking of stop reading spoilers. Just so I can see how it feels if you don’t know what’s going on. Must… stop… clicking…

* OSNews reports that the XO might become XP-only. The problem here is that they finally realize that OSS is not the only usable solution that exists. Use the best tool for the job, free from philosophical ideas. I am a hard realist when it comes to my tools, be it software or a screwdriver. Cause these are nothing but tools. People should stop idolizing them.

* I was thinking about Vista the other day. As you know I am a big supporter of backwards compatibility for the sake of the convenience of users. However, Vista has so much craft in it, that I believe that Windows 7 should simply be a next-gen 64bit-only OS, written from scratch. No old craft in it. This would place it for release in about 5-6 years from now. And it would only work originally with a small set of hardware parts. DOS/XP compatibility would only be via a virtualizer, no native support. And it would be a huge risk. But I think it’s a must at this point because Windows is too complex right now for any MS engineer and architect to handle it properly and develop for it.

* You might have read that Nokia will now distribute Qt on the N-series internet tablets. I don’t know for sure, but if we are to believe the rumors, that’s why half of the desktop UI team of Hildon at Nokia quit a few short weeks ago. Not because these devs hate Qt, but come on, working on a GTK UI for 3 years and then having a foreign toolkit forced into the platform like this, it’s going to sting a lot these developers. Can’t blame them, it’s their sweat.

* It’s Easter for the Orthodox Christians this Sunday. I wish I was in Greece to eat. Eat a lot of this lamb. Eat until my stomach develops an ulcer.

* For now, I am bored.