How the bullying stopped

When I was 13, there was this kid (15 year old) in the school that would make fun of me. He would just be right in my nose every day.

One Saturday night, I was out with my parents at a local cafeteria which also had coin-up games. That kid happened to be there that night and he wouldn’t let me play Pacman and Phoenix. So, I go to my father who was sitting outside, and told him to come and reason with him.

My father indeed comes in, and the kid gets a pretty macho pose, thinking that he would be able to outdo (and ignore) any lecture that my father would have to give him. But he wasn’t prepared for what my father had in store for him.

He told him: “If you are going to bully my daughter and dishonor her, you will have to marry her. So, I will be talking to your family to arrange the marriage”.

He never bullied me, ever again. If anything, he was avoiding me for the years to come, even after we were both adults and we knew that my father was joking.

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