Random stuff, part 9

* JBQ is leaving me… He will go to Boston as part of his work. He will be back before you know it though. Heh, he can’t really leave me for real, what did you think? 🙂

* I am ravaged by a cold that I caught from JBQ. My right eye cries all by itself, and I sneeze a lot. My throat is soar and my nose is like a war zone. Thankfully, no fever.

* “Lost” is back this Thursday at 10 PM. Can’t wait. Check these clips from the upcoming episode. I hear that the 3-part finale of the season is going to be incredible, with major twists in it.

* Blender is forkable. I know that there is a “secret” mailing list somewhere consisted by some developers who have created Linux video editors in the past, but having used a bit of Blender’s VSE, I must say that forking that module might be the way to go for that underground team. I’d say that about 60% of the job is done for them by the existing Blender. The rest 40% is about cleaning up the interface, adding pan, crop, track motion and text support in a more usable way that doesn’t involve the 3D part of Blender (which is near impossible to learn).

* Tiffen sent me today for a review their “Film look” filter kit, and two ND filters. Review soon at FreshDV.

* I am concerned about the food crisis. My family in Greece are already hit by it pretty hard, especially my father.

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