Vegas Pro 8: Cheaper than ever

B&H sells Vegas Pro 8 cheaper than ever: just $129. This is a steal for a professional video package. That price is in fact the same as Vegas Platinum’s retail price, which ranks lower in their product line. This CD version of Vegas Pro 8 does not come with a manual, but fear not, the manual is available in PDF here. Also, it doesn’t come with DVD Architect so there are no mpeg2/AC3 exporting options (except if you already have installed DVD Architect/Studio from before), but you can use instead some freeware DVD authoring tools like DVDFlick (get the 1.3.x.x version from the forum instead of the old 1.2.x version). Export to DVDFlick using the Huffyuv lossless codec or a frameserver.

My suggestion is, if you are thinking into buying Vegas at some point, or if you already own the Platinum version but need the extra features, go for it now, cause we don’t know how long the offer will last.

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