The sad state of TV

NBC unveiled a fall lineup today. Problem is, TV is not exciting anymore (well, except “Lost”, and partly “Battlestar Galactica”). From the last year’s lineup, only one new series made it through with acceptable ratings (“Pushing Daisies”). Everything else either barely survived, or was already canceled (“Jericho”‘s ratings were terrible, give it up Jericho fans — web views don’t count because there are no expensive commercials on the web to support expensive shows, while DVR views were not THAT many).

I am sure that a lot of people in the industry will blame the web for the state of TV show success, but I think the problem is mostly originality. I mean, last year we got remakes over remakes (from “Bionic Woman”, to “Terminator”, to “New Amsterdam” which is a Highlander ripoff), and next year we will get more: “Knight Rider”, “Dr Jekyl and Mr Hide”, to “Fringe” which is an X-Files remake.

I mean, come on. I know that being original is difficult (chances are, someone else among the 6bn Earth people already thought of your idea), but it doesn’t have to be so obvious. Where are my space-based sci-fi shows for example? How about creating something like this too, a’la Lost-mystery?

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