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Another walk

After having a romantic Indian dinner out last night, and a romantic sushi lunch out today (God, I am expensive), we went for a walk in the park with my JBQ. We charged our digicams and off we went. We saw a wild rabbit there, such a beautiful animal. Here’s my JBQ using his Canon 5D to shoot his car, the Camaro Z28.

The following two pictures are from my cheap Kodak V1233, did well for an $160 camera.

Foster City flowers in paint

On my walk yesterday I grabbed some random shots with the Kodak V1233 HD digicam. Because the camera is not really that worthwhile, I color graded the shots aggressively using four different commercial Vegas plugins: NewBlue Metallic MSP, Magic Bullet Look Suite, Pixelan CE BlurPro, Pixelan CE Posterwise, and Vegas’ own “Brightness & Contrast” and “Color Corrector”. Took 4 hours to render these 2 minutes of video. HD version here.

A walk

I went to a walk yesterday close to my home, shot some video and pictures. Here’s a pic:

Foster City