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Free song from Josiah

One of the true artists in the “American Idol” competition (rather than just a strong voice), Josiah Leming, released a new song as a free legal download. More songs of his here.

On YouTube he said that this March he will be talking to various labels, and hopefully sign and have an album soon. That’d be awesome. Such a nice kid.

The Jacob scene

The following 4 minute part is my favorite in all of “Lost”. It’s a kind of scene that only the writers behind “Lost” could have written. Deliciously creepy. Have a look and tell me what you think (even if you have never watched “Lost” before). Pay attention towards the end, as there’s a figure appearing for a split second, out of nowhere.

Interview with Malcolm David Kelley

I stumbled upon Malcolm David Kelley today on the net, the young actor who plays “Walt” on “Lost”. I seized the opportunity to carry out a small Q&A with him. Thanks Malcolm!

1. How did you start acting? Was it something you always wanted to do?
Malcolm: Well, I was 5 so I really didn’t know much except from what I saw on TV. I just wanted to have fun like the kids on the commercials and I told my mom we got a manager and agent and everything started taking off.
2. How do you manage both acting and school? Is it difficult to do both at the same time?
Malcolm: Well I’m home schooled and its easier this way but I do miss public school. But I see my friends all the time so that makes up for it.
3. Do you find the show-biz industry too competitive? Do you feel secure-enough taking on acting full time after school?
Malcolm: Yeah, a little bit but mostly your are making friends throughout everything. I think I do I have thinking about that question all the time so I’m coming to a conclusion and I think I do want to continue.
4. You portrayed “Walt” in ABC’s “Lost”, mostly in the first season. Do you still watch the show as intensely?
Malcolm: Yeah, I try to watch the show as much as I can but you know its hard to catch every episode. Then if you miss something in the show you miss a lot so I try to keep up.
5. Are we going to see more of “Walt” in “Lost”? If yes, would you personally prefer “Walt” to be in the midst of intense sci-fi plots, or as as regular kid in his age?
Malcolm: Idk lmao can’t say.!!!! And it really doesn’t matter to me I take all challenges, lol, it’s up to the writers how they want to bring me back and I’ll deliver.
6. Who do you like hanging out with the most from the “Lost” team?
Malcolm: Um… To be honest everybody on that set had a big part of making that set so fun. But who I hung out with the most probably was Harold who plays my dad on the show and Dominic who played Charlie on the show.