It’s the end of the road for “Jericho”

I know that fans of “Jericho” wouldn’t want to hear this, but these 7 episodes on the second season is the end of the road for the show. I hope they conclude the series without a cliffhanger on the 7th episode.

Apparently, the ratings were terrible for a season opener, and it can only go downhill from now on. Some will say that the 3 leaked episodes was the reason, but I don’t believe so. Only Jericho fanatics would try to pirate these episodes, and they aren’t many of those. Even if there were 1 million fewer viewers because of the leaked episodes, 8 mil viewers overall would still not be good enough. Jericho needed a good 12 mil as a starter to hope for about 9 mil at the end of its season and hope for a renewal.

To add to this, the show had a downgrade: camera equipment. It looks like a damn soap opera now. No film-look at all. It just looks red and ugly, no dynamic range or color spectrum. At the beginning, I thought it was just me, but then I saw that others noticed too. In fact, I was a bit surprised that people actually did notice! Some say that because they went digital it makes the show look cheap, but it’s not the digital part that makes it cheap, but the fact that they use cheap cameras that probably don’t have good lens support. There was almost no DOF in the new season opener.

So that was CBS’ plan for “Jericho”‘s comeback? Make it cheap, cheap, cheap? I feel that CBS stabbed us in the back. Oh well, business is business.

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