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YouTube censoring anti-Scientology clips?

A guy claims that youtube’s Anonymous Anonymous videos are all censored. I don’t know if this is true or false, but I know that even on Digg now their posts are “buried” and never see the light of the front page anymore. I don’t know if this is just coincidental, or people had enough of the Anonymous Anonymous group, or if organized Scientologists fight back the same way as the group does. Hopefully Youtube clears up the situation.

Regarding Anonymous Anonymous’ actions, while I fully support their opinions about Scientology, I don’t think they go the right way about it. If they want some action against this for-profit “religion” (for the record: I personally don’t consider it a religion), they should write to their congressman, raise money to post ads, and educate people to not join the cult. Picketing outside the Scientology offices proves and brings nothing at the end. Scientology is what it is, and it’s not going to change, so picketing outside their offices is a waste of time.

It’s the end of the road for “Jericho”

I know that fans of “Jericho” wouldn’t want to hear this, but these 7 episodes on the second season is the end of the road for the show. I hope they conclude the series without a cliffhanger on the 7th episode.

Apparently, the ratings were terrible for a season opener, and it can only go downhill from now on. Some will say that the 3 leaked episodes was the reason, but I don’t believe so. Only Jericho fanatics would try to pirate these episodes, and they aren’t many of those. Even if there were 1 million fewer viewers because of the leaked episodes, 8 mil viewers overall would still not be good enough. Jericho needed a good 12 mil as a starter to hope for about 9 mil at the end of its season and hope for a renewal.

To add to this, the show had a downgrade: camera equipment. It looks like a damn soap opera now. No film-look at all. It just looks red and ugly, no dynamic range or color spectrum. At the beginning, I thought it was just me, but then I saw that others noticed too. In fact, I was a bit surprised that people actually did notice! Some say that because they went digital it makes the show look cheap, but it’s not the digital part that makes it cheap, but the fact that they use cheap cameras that probably don’t have good lens support. There was almost no DOF in the new season opener.

So that was CBS’ plan for “Jericho”‘s comeback? Make it cheap, cheap, cheap? I feel that CBS stabbed us in the back. Oh well, business is business.

My brother and “Lost”

I called my little bro today and to my surprise he told me that he started watching “Heroes” and “Lost” for the first time. He is still on the second episode of “Lost”, but he is loving it so far. But he wanted to know more. He asked me how many episodes are around, and what I know about them. I told him that I won’t spoil it for him. But he insisted. True story:

Eugenia: You have to watch it yourself, Lost is a puzzle, if I spoil it for you, you won’t enjoy it as much.
Teo: But I want to know who gets off the island and who dies.
Eugenia: Sorry, I can’t tell you. There are deaths and twists, but you gotta watch it yourself.
Teo: Does the doctor die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Does the hot brunette die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Does the fat guy die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Does the pregnant woman die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Do the Chinese die?
Eugenia: No. They are Koreans btw.
Teo: Does the old guy with the scar in the eye die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Does the blonde guy who killed the bear die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Does the father with the kid and the dog die?
Eugenia: No.
Teo: Then no one dies!!!!
Eugenia: Yes they do! You forgot 4 main characters, and 3 of them die.
Teo: No, I mentioned them all.
Eugenia: No, you didn’t.
Teo: Yes, I did. I don’t remember anyone else.
Eugenia: Then it’s a good thing they died.
Teo: ….

People want smartphones

This survey essentially saying that most people now want real smartphones (that are able to run real applications and such) and don’t want to deal with simple basic feature phones anymore. Good to hear. I’ve been saying that feature phones will be bust since 2004.

Wind Power

Rico Bergholdt Hansen re-posted his amazing shots on Vimeo as a new video after some of my suggestions. HD version here.