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TV series

I am out of review article jobs these days, so I have lots of time to watch TV now. I don’t like reading much (I have a hard time focusing for more than 2 minutes at a time), although I might just read the new “Firefly” novel that got released recently (dunno yet).

So I asked for the Gold Edition DVD box of “Twin Peaks” for my Valentine’s gift. I am eager to watch “Twin Peaks” as I’ve always heard good things about it but when it used to air in Greece I was snobbing it. Apparently, if you like “Lost”, you will like “Twin Peaks”. Same eerie mysterious atmosphere. Netflix does not carry all the DVDs, so I am (hopefully) getting this off Amazon for $80.

I added “Space: Above and Beyond” on our Netflix queue though, and I will use their online watching facility to watch “Earth 2“. Hopefully Comcast won’t cut us out because of the downloading bandwidth…

While reading some of the customer reviews on the “Twin Peaks” Amazon page, someone mentioned “The Prisoner“. I had never heard of that TV series. I did some googling on it, and after reading what was it about, I found the premise and mystery around it very interesting. In fact, without even having seen the series, I feel that this could be a very good remake for the TV if talented writers are hired. Instead, we get a remake of “Knight Rider”.


Flower macro shots using close-up lenses (Tiffen CU+4) on the HV20, slow motion and extreme color grading. Download the 720p MP4 file or view the HD version online here.

Took 7:15′ hours to render just these 4′:10″ minutes of video, so you better watch. 😉