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The role of John Locke

I was astonished to see on various polls and discussions online that most viewers would have taken Locke’s side instead of Jack’s on Lost’s 4th season opener. I wonder if these people are actually sane or if they understand what the hell they are viewing on TV.

Locke’s role on “Lost” is to be a sidekick. He is actually the main ‘villain’ on the series, not the Others, but he is portrayed in a way that people don’t realize it. Locke simply does what he thinks it’s right, without taking other people’s wishes into account, without even having enough information himself about the things he stands for. He is insane, as Jack very well put it. Sure, he is able to walk after he crash landed, but that doesn’t mean that everyone shares his wish to stay on the island.

Locke’s is the magician of the clan. He acts purely on superstition and subjectiveness. Jack on the other side is the hero, who takes logical steps according to available information to him, to save his people. The fact that Locke sees an apparition of Walt while he’s almost dead, doesn’t mean that it’s a true vision, but it could be tricks of the mind while bleeding to death. But instead of thinking straight that he is hallucinating (no matter if WE, the viewers, know that the island has special powers or not), he embarks on his way to stop the freighter people. Just because a vision told him so. I am pretty sure that after the blown up of the submarine, communication station, implosion of the hatch and the killing of Naomi, he will make sure to sour the freighter people’s opinions for the survivors, resulting in them deciding taking them hostage or something, and only save 6 of them.

Locke is not a friendly character. He is a cool character, but he is not the hero. Jack is. Locke is here just to make things difficult for the hero from the “inside”, in a similar way to Dr. Zachary Smith in 1965’s “Lost in Space“. Dr Smith was not a bad person, just like Locke is not a bad person, but he is selfish, and most of all, misguided.

So why the hell would I ever follow Locke? I don’t follow the Pope either. Instead, I would follow a scientist-turned-leader who thinks hard before taking an ultimately, rational, decision.

As someone put it on Blogger:

“If i were a lostie who has been trapped in a creepy island for 3 months eating only mangos, fish and boar meat, running and hiding from a smoke monster, witnessed a lot of deaths, hearing some creepy voices coming from the woods, kidnapped or watched my friends kidnapped by some ppl who call themselves the others, i would try my chance to get off the island and go with team jack no matter who was coming to the island… At least they have a boat and a helicopter! and who says “not penny’s boat” means they are coldblooded murderers who are coming to the island to kill them all… Oh yeah Ben and Locke say they are coming to kill them all… At least we are sure that 6 of them are alive in the future.”

Lovely videos

It was nice to have Kino‘s maintainer Dan Dennedy around today for lunch. We talked about all things Linux and video editors.

Also, here are some videos that I liked recently. Click their titles to view or download their HD versions.