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I created a new HD channel over at Vimeo, holding some of my favorite clips in it so far:

In the meantime, I discovered Remyyy, possibly the best video artist enthusiast in the whole Vimeo world:

Update: I just finished IM’ing with him, I think his future shorts will be filmed in widescreen and will have the “HD” treatment on Vimeo. Can’t wait!


jeff wrote on January 13th, 2008 at 3:53 AM PST:

I hate to be cynical, but these worthless shots of street lights and rain drops are clever in an age of youtube garbage but they lack any real meaning. If these “artists” don’t start using HD in a productive manner other than to waste time at work or college then they will surely be forgotten soon as technology makes their works meaningless.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on January 13th, 2008 at 4:12 AM PST:

Jeff, you show a very single-sided and not very mature opinion.

Video does not just mean “movies with actors”. Video does not just mean “documentaries to find a new Egyptian pyramid”. Video does not also just mean boring family/wedding video.

Video can also mean “photography that moves”.

And this is exactly what this is about. These videographers are *enthusiasts* just like digital photographers at Flickr are. Four years ago this kind of photographers did not even exist, but as the digicam market boomed, they did well. Same thing now for videographers. It’s “moving photography art”, not a “movie with my buddy Arnie as the Terminator” and a plot.

Besides, these people have editing skills, much more than the average Joe. For that reason alone, they are one step ahead of normal video users with a random camcorder and their stuff are worth seeing. They are able to create beautiful imagery. And that’s just beautiful in itself.

IT DOESN’T have to have a plot or a meaning. There’s not a single use for a camera you know. Being creative is what matters, and this is one form of creativity that most people can only dream that they had. I know that I don’t have it for example, and I am into video big time. It’s modern video art. Art is anything that can create emotion, and lots of these videos DO achieve that.

Stop thinking of a camera as “the tool you use to record John Wayne firing his gun”. That’s only just one usage. Open your mind to more usages. To art as in moving imagery. This is video well-done. Much better than your uncle’s Joe shaky video or crappy youtube.

Yes, you have pissed me off. Time is 4:15 AM now that I write that and I was ready to go to fucking sleep. And then reading your comment just pissed the hell out of me. Here I make a post about my favorite pieces of a *new* kind of art that has more and more followers, and I got Jeff who never produced anything to tell me that is all worthless because there’s no plot, or because he doesn’t get it. Well, I guess Dali’s stuff are as worthless too then. Maybe if he was writing theater stuff he would have been more useful instead.

One last thing: these video samples are not different in “looks” than the Amiga’s DEMOSCENE back in the ’90s. That was art as much as it was technology. And as these developers had to be both artists and technical at the same time, similarly with these current videographers will have to be both visually interesting and shoot/edit cleverly too. NOT EVERYONE can do that!

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