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Quickies, Part II

* I put together a Christmas tree last night (not my style to do that stuff you see). It went all well, except that at the end I found out that half of the lights were burned off and wouldn’t light up. Bummer.

* I dreamt of Tiger Woods and his wife last night. I was trying to convnice him to let go of his career, “go chill man, you got enough money now…”.

* We will be going to Reno, NV for the holidays. I hope to shoot some video of snow and skiers.

* I am watching the “Lost” season 3 on Blu-Ray. Looks really good. In one of the documentaries on the discs we see a typical day for the writers. They go to work at 9:30 AM, but they also leave at 9:30 PM… Hard work.

* Speaking of Blu-Rays, it seems to have won the war. Not clearly yet, but it currently sells 2:1.

* JBQ seems to be happy at Google. He’s becoming fat.