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Green Day going indie

Some (if not all) the Green Day members have formed a new independent band as a side project, and it seems to be all in secret. The music of the Foxboro Hot Tubs is very ’60s and rock’n’roll, and it seems that their label didn’t like the idea, given that they removed direct access to the new band’s site after the whole thing leaked out. However, it’s still possible to download their EP for free, and it’s obviously legally too as the music is still up on their server. Although you might be selling your soul to the devil by downloading it, not because their label might claim so, but because there’s the Satan symbol on the top right of their album back cover. 😉

Update: A band that no one hardly knows anything about, and yet they have great alt.rock music. The Longwave. Two songs are offered for free download on their myspace page.

Student Arrested After Cutting Food With Knife

Ah, the joy of a fearful policed nation.

In Greece, and any other common sense country, the girl would just be asked by the teachers to not bring a food knife back to school. If she wouldn’t listen, you call her parents, and if they don’t listen either, you expel the girl from school. That’s it, end of story. In US, they had to call the police and get her to the “Juvenile Assessment Center.” What a joke.

720p with the Kodak V1253

This is a video testing the 720p HD quality captured by the Kodak V1253 digital camera. Unfortunately, there is no exposure control on that camera, so a lot of the scenes came out over-exposed. The video is color graded and was edited using proxy files because Kodak’s mpeg4 .mov format is too slow on Sony Vegas 8. HD version here, review here.

Sorry, I forgot to “disable resample” on Vegas before exporting, hence the ghosting when panning.