Stupid Adobe

Ok, these guys are idiots. The new version of Flash came out and at last, it supports hardware scaling and h.264. So far so good. But when you try to download the Linux version you only get a binary tarball, yum and rpm. No DEB.

Look, I know that you can’t possibly support all the package management solutions out there, but when Ubuntu has over 25% of the Linux mind/market share (source: Google Trends and our common sense), then you ought to deliver a DEB package. Come on. What this tells me is that the Linux version of Flash is a “by the way” effort, a single engineer at a dark room, away from anyone else. An engineer that no one wants to talk to during lunch time either. Poor engineer.


l3v1 wrote on December 5th, 2007 at 2:07 AM PST:

I almost always managed to use rpm’s in the past with “alien”. I also prefer .deb over anything else, still, something being .rpm should hold you back.

Cesar wrote on December 7th, 2007 at 8:08 AM PST:

Don’t bother installing the lastest plugin version. It unnecessarly consumes much more CPU (beyond the requirements of h264!) and they full hardware support is only “theory”.

But if you want to test it for yourself, just copy *.so to your /usr/lib/firefox/plugins dir.

And yes, why don’t they support deb packages? Why?

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