Archive for November 28th, 2007

A new rig

Got my toys today. Here’s my HV20 on the cheap shoulder bracket with the DM-50 microphone and the WD-H43 wide angle lens.

And the HV20 with a Canon 50/1.8 lens, mounted using a 52mm reverse ring. This allows for macro shots. Time to go find some spiders.

Remember back in the ’90s and early ’00s how geeks would rig their PCs, overclock them, add dual Voodoos etc? What myself and other enthusiasts are doing these days with the HV20 is very similar in fact. I thought I left the geek culture, but in reality I am still right there, just on another level.

Squaw Village video re-uploaded

This version has different music and the snowboarding scenes have been reworked. I think this version is much better. HD version here.

Canon ZR800 camera arrived

I just received the Canon ZR800 DV camcorder today and I gave it a very quick whirl, handheld, around my house just before the sun went down. Color graded. I plan to shoot some serious video with it soon, just to showcase that High Definition is the not the A and Z of videography. This $200 little camera can produce some good footage if you are careful with the shooting and playful during editing. Sample footage here!

I also received today a shoulder bracket, a 52mm reverse ring to mount macro lenses, while Tiffen sent me a Steady Stick for a review. I will be reviewing that in 2 weeks time (update: review posted).

Turkey probes atheist’s ‘God’ book

If Turkey wants to enter the EU, that’s just one of the things they need to fix. You can’t prosecute people just because you don’t agree with them.