More on color grading

One more on color grading. This is some color graded footage I shot with the Panasonic LX-2 digicam last week in Lake Tahoe. The camera is able to shoot 480/30p and 720/15p (would have been nice if it could do 720/24p at least) so it’s an interesting one.

I love the dramatic look of the following too. I used Aav6cc, use almost all options on Color Corrector, and I also used two Magic Bullet plugins back to back to get this look.

BTW, just a note to my video-related readers: My phone number changed (apparently it stopped working a good while ago, but I hadn’t notice as this is not my real number, but a gateway from the real phone world to VoIP). My new number is now listed in my “contact” page. As long as you call between 12 PM to 6 PM PST time, I should be able to take your call if you have any video-related questions (it’s faster than answering emails, I get too many lately). Alternatively, install GizmoProject, the VoIP application, and call me for free from in there. My Gizmo/SIP info is also listed in my “contact” page.


Rob Patterson wrote on November 28th, 2007 at 7:29 AM PST:

Hey! Ive been reading all your blog entries about Vegas mostly. I really like the color correction both scenes. I like the dramatic look a lot. Im still trying to get used to CC for video. I have used Photoshop for years with but CC with video seems real limited.

How do you get your widescreen clip to show up in a 4:3 ratio on Youtube. I tried it but ended up with a squished clip.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on November 28th, 2007 at 11:08 AM PST:

I have a color grading tutorial on this blog, make a search on it. As for the widescreen shots, you just export in a widescreen resolution, e.g. 480×270.

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