HTC and Motorola’s mini-usb jacks

F_ck you both, Motorola and HTC. Both use the mini-usb port for headphones port on their latest phone models. So a few months ago I bought two Motorola converters (mini-usb to 3.5mm audio jack). So when I tried these cables on my new HTC Kaiser, they wouldn’t work. Apparently HTC uses a different internal wiring. Why?!? Why make the freaking lives of the consumers so difficult? I am not ok at all to use the mini-USB port for audio (which is also shared with data and charging, so you can’t do multiple things at once), but when there are such incompatibilities between different manufacturers even when using the same kind of port, I just want to throw their phones out of the window.

I think I will be using the iPhone from now on as my main phone instead of my HTC PocketPC. Except Apple, a small glimpse of hope from Nokia’s S60 team and the non-smartphone line from Sony Ericsson, no hardware manufacturer out there has a clue how to create a good cellphone experience. The PocketPC OS is not bad, but HTC pisses me off all too often.

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JrezIN wrote on November 23rd, 2007 at 8:06 AM PST:

you probably can cut of the “except for…” and just leave the “no hardware manufacturer out there has a clue how to create a good cellphone experience”… because, cellphone sucks. They’re just over-complicated and more interested in milking the costumers (both manufacturers and carries) than providing a nice experience in a competitive, and open standards-based, environment.

I’m VERY glad most manufacturers signed a deal to all use micro-USB connection for charging (but worried for the deal about the new [WHYYY?!?!!] flash-type memory standard!)… I hope it’s the beginning of something better… But looking at the past, I’m afraid… very afraid!

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