Archive for November 17th, 2007

Random stuff

* “Climate change is real and is happening at an ever faster pace, a United Nations scientific panel said in a hard-hitting report issued this weekend on tackling global warming.” And USA still doesn’t take action about it. There were a lot of initial disputes about global warming, but the truth is, it’s real.

* “A court in Saudi Arabia increased the punishment for a gang-rape victim after her lawyer won an appeal of the sentence for the rapists, the lawyer told CNN.” The world is still a crazy place.

* OSNews and Gnomefiles moved to a new server last night (8-core Xeons with 4 GB RAM). This probably was the smoothest server move we ever had. Hats off to Adam, our web master, and Jon, our server admin!

* A Canon ZR800 is on the way for me, plus a light deflector and a Canon microphone for my HV20. Truth is, getting all that stuff already, is VERY SCARY.

* TV is indeed dead. From all the new TV series this season, only “Pushing Daisies” makes it above 10-11 million viewers, and that’s already pathetic compared to previous years where they would be at least 2 big hits per season with over 15 mil viewers each. The future is the internets.