The responsibility of creation and sharing

Most of you are aware of my diet recipes. Most of the suggested entrees that are marked as “diet” are measuring at 200 calories each, but they are designed in a way that would fill you up. When I am on a low calorie diet, I eat at least 3 of these entrees per day, plus fruits and yogurts. I live a very sedentary life and I am very short, so I can easily (and healthily) manage a diet of about 700-800 calories per day (I would need more than that if I was working/out or going out more, of course).

So last week my recipes got linked from a dieting forum and its dieting readers flocked to find some low-cal recipes. According to my stats, the most popular recipes proved to be my 65-calorie per muffin recipe, and the 200-calorie full pizza. One of the referrers linking to one of my recipes was a blog of a woman who is currently dieting. Apparently, she does between 200 and 400 calories per day, which is of course, excessively low.

I wouldn’t normally reply to her blog, but I decided to leave a message and say that aspartame is not as good as splenta, and that in reality that none of these “diet sugars” are actually very healthy. I did not comment on her dieting plans, I just made a remark on sugars. But I guess the lady does not like to listen to feedback that consists of well known facts. So she deleted my (polite, for a change) comment.

This begs the question. Should I leave my diet recipes up and available? I wrote them and shared them because I believe that they can fill up bellies without storing lots of energy. There aren’t many TRULY low-calorie recipes out there that have so much quantity in them. But by stumbling upon this abnormal usage of my recipes, an abuse, it raises the ethical problem of creation/sharing and the responsibility that comes out of it.

I can approach the problem with two ways:
1. Remove the diet recipes so I have no part in any anorexia/abuse case.
2. Let the dieters decide what they want to do for themselves and let Darwin run its course.

I think I’ll choose #2.


RandomGuy wrote on November 13th, 2007 at 4:29 AM PST:

Yep, I think #2 is the right choice.
If somebody is obsessed with losing weight he or she will find a way. And eating food with nearly no calories is still better than eating nothing or becoming a bulimic…

Dimitar Uzunov wrote on November 13th, 2007 at 8:03 AM PST:

Actually aspartame (AKA E951) is kinda poisonous. I stopped buying products containing it long ago – I felt tired, my head ached; but recently I found a really interesting documentary which only confirmed my suspicion: “Sweet misery: A poisoned world”. Its healthier to drink a real cola with 10 times more sugar than the daily norm than a light or diet fake cola.

I think anorexia is just a symptom of a bigger disease called conformism ;-), so publishing your recipies has no effect on them.

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