PS3 firmware 2.0

Supposedly it comes out tomorrow. I wish they could add just these three features:

1. Resize the TV picture, system-wide. Currently, all the visuals are out of the safe zone on our CRT HDTV. JBQ says that it might be difficult to do that after so many games having being released as resizing on the fly has a performance impact. The PSOne, PS2 and Nintendo Wii do not have that problem on our TV though.

2. Support the .mov container. Many people are exporting their videos on h.264, in the right format that the PS3 supports, but inside the .mov container instead of the .mp4 one. Both containers are equally popular with h.264 and so it’s kinda silly to support one but not the other.

3. Support NTFS. It is silly to want to connect a 500 GB external hard drive on the PS3 to store my (legal) HD videos, and have to deal with the 2 GB per-file limit of FAT32 (plus its non-journaling problems).

Other than these points, I am happy with the PS3. It doesn’t sweat at all on 1080/30p h.264 (where my PC plays back just 0.5 frames per second on the same video file).

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