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Yahoo vs Google

Pakistan under martial law

“Musharraf complained in his speech that the media — which he made independent — have not been supportive, but have reported “negative” news. Early Sunday, two dozen policemen raided the offices of AAJ-TV in Islamabad, saying they had orders to take the station’s equipment. The government also issued a directive warning the media that any criticism of the president or prime minister would be punishable by three years in jail and a fine of up to $70,000…” writes CNN.

What a complete ass. Hopefully the Pakistani people will overthrow him somehow, even if it might mean bloodshed. You don’t gain your freedom for free you know.

God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me

A great song by “Aberdeen City”, an alternative rock band. Download the legally free mp3 from their site (under the “music” section). Update: Video download here.

Boringly random stuff

* I published an article about the booming HD videography on OSNews tonight. It is pretty much all my thoughts for the last 5 months, all in a single article with the right links to some of my previous blog posts. I wanted to do that for some time now. Update: Slashdotted.

* It’s a bit tragic that someone could shoot and edit such a beautiful video (it’s my favorite hobbyist video), and then having the Apple Quicktime engineers fucking up the final h.264 encoding with their “flashes” (as seen here too). This bug exists on Quicktime’s h.264 endoder for over a year now and no one fixed it? Jeez!

* We looked for a video station PC last night with my JBQ. Apparently you can get something really fast for $2000. However, that’s still $2000…

* Something very good will happen to my family in Greece soon. I will blog about it when it’s actually signed.

* Now, this is tragic. Children of doping athletes deformed.

* The WGA strike will spell doom for many TV series (already affected “Heroes”), but thankfully “Lost” won’t be affected as pretty much its 4th season is already written. More over, the “Lost” producers are also writers, so they can do the job themselves.

* JBQ is fat again. Bwahaha… 😉

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