The Methuselah of fish

On August 10th 2004 we bought 12 Cerpae Tetra fish. When they entered our big fish tank, they caused the death of the rest of our Cardinals and Danios (possibly they brought a disease from the store).

Anyways, within a year, the Tetras started dying out too, naturally mostly. However, a single one survived, but at that point we had decided to not buy more fish. For two years that Tetra fish lived alone in a big tank, ate food only twice or thrice a week and listened to my music daily. These fish are not supposed to live that long, especially not alone. And yet this one did (and it would probably live even longer if we were cleaning up the tank more often). I only discovered it dead this evening, after 3.5+ years of life.

I am only sad because it didn’t mate as there were no other fish in the tank. It seems that this IS the kind of fish that could bring its species to the next level. Goodbye my little tiny friend.

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David Thomson wrote on November 7th, 2007 at 8:45 AM PST:

I have never owned any fish, but I used to work with someone who maintains what I’ve heard is an exceptional resource on fish: FINS.


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