The OpenMoko joke

They do the same mistake that I did. They try to recreate a desktop environment on a mobile device by shoving as much information as possible on a single screen. Apple proved with the iPhone that this not how it should be done. If someone can’t easily and precisely hit a widget with a finger instead of a stylus, then it’s a useless UI — as far as having a future-proof product is concerned. To me, these interfaces are just arcane now. Even Nokia is preparing huge widgets for S60 4.0, because thankfully, they get it more than these Linux devs, Trolltech and of course, Motorola. The paradigm has shifted from designing text/widgets as small as they can be comfortably read, to as big as they can be comfortably be hit by a finger. And get this: a well-designed UI, like the iPhone’s, can fit almost as much information in it as the traditional touchscreen designs. Bigger widgets doesn’t necessarily mean less information on screen.

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