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Review of the tripod-wheels Tiffen W3


Not very smooth I am afraid. Nothing beats a steadycam. But under certain conditions, this is an acceptable product. My review is here.

Regarding rape

Why are men raping women? I don’t think I understand this. To me, it feels that men are driven by their dick rather than logic. How is that even possible though?

This is not to say that women aren’t raping men, but the vast majority of rapes are carried through by men (I don’t know, but maybe 98% of all rapes?). If the percentage of men vs women raping is so high for men, does this mean that most men (even those who are not rapists) would take advantage of a situation if they can? And if that’s correct, the question is again: why? Why is sex so important to them? Sure, “men have needs”, but so have the women, and yet…

I like sex, and in fact I am usually the initiator of sexual conduct with my husband (yes, Pete, I hid the guns), but I would never force myself on to someone. They would probably die of suffocation anyway…


Nemesea is a very nice rock group from The Netherlands! If you like Evanescence, you will love them too. Listen to their songs at their label’s site, SellABand (their 3 main singles are given away for free after you sign up with them), or purchase their full album from iTunes or CDBaby.

The new TV series so far

The TV season has started and as any good bored customer, I tried to give a fair chance on most new shows. I don’t know if piracy had any effect on this, but this year’s shows suck. Except “Pushing Daisies” and the very light “Reaper”, everything else sucks royally. The show that has destroyed most expectations is “Bionic Woman”. It’s dull, boring and stupid. “Chuck” is not badly done, but one loses interest in it really fast. The pretty similar in overall concept “Reaper” though fairs better, even if it probably has 1/4 of Chuck’s budget. And then there’s the really horrible stuff, like “Big Shots”, “Dirty Sexy Money”, “Private Practice” and the very mediocre “K-Ville”, “Journeyman”, “Cavemen”, “Cane” and “Moonlight”. I can’t wait for “Terminator” and “Women’s Murder Club” to start too so I can scrutinize them.

By far, the best new series of the season is “Pushing Daisies” (from the creators of “Dead like me”). It’s fresh, it’s clever and it has style. This show can become a classic, but they should also turn it more serialized rather than being so “episodic” as it is now. JBQ says that the show is similar to “Amelie” in many ways, and apparently some agree too. Update: JBQ was right. Amelie was the inspiration for the creator of “Pushing Daisies”!

Calling each other names

It’s funny, but I suddenly realized that both JBQ and I call each other with the same name: “sweetie”. Although sometimes we do call each other “baby” instead of “sweetie”. He almost never calls me “Eugenia” and I almost never call him “Jean-Baptiste” — except when we are speaking to others. When we feel more playful, he calls me a “monster” (and rightfully so), and I call him “Baby-One Querubi”. 😉

TyTN-II Kaiser phone arrived

I received yesterday the front-runner phone for Windows Mobile 6, HTC’s Kaiser. An excellent phone as I have discussed here before, but it sure lacks a normal audio jack and camera flash. The keyboard is not easy to type, while the phone goes bananas if you try to dial while you are in landscape mode. Apple would have never released a phone with such an obvious bug, although on the other hand, Windows Mobile 6 does a whole lot more than the iPhone does.

Yes, THAT lightsaber video

This is for Mike, who requested a lightsaber video so he can make fun of me. Here you are. I can tell you right now, it’s hard work going frame by frame, so I didn’t do a great job. Special effects will be one reason why movies will never move to 60fps.